• Digital page flipping Brochures, Magazines and Books

Digital page flipping Brochures, Magazines and Books


Flipp has been designed to allow you to leverage the marketing collateral within your business. As long as you have a pdf file Flipp allows you to convert it into a virtual format and incorporate a wealth of features normally restricted to web based applications. Brochures, leaflets, menus and books are just some of the materials we can convert and add a raft of features that can benefit your communication and effectiveness with your clients.

Flipp allows you to create a fully interactive environment where you would normally have a static printed document of some form! Photographs can be brought to life using animation, videos can be embedded to engage and educate your audience, while links can allow your client access to your website or make bookings from within Flipp!

Cost and time can be axed – sending out a simple email link rather than hard copy! Flipp removes the headache of physically posting anything; all you need to do is press “send” on your email application. If, on the rare occasion your client wishes to print any information – Flipp allows it to be downloaded and printed with ease.

Flipp is hosted online so any virtual publications can be updated in real time – changes are immediate for you and your clients. Flipp means that information will never be out of date again.

Flipp means that if your website has ecommerce then so can your virtual documents; a simple link can be made to enable a booking system from your catalogues and brochures. Flipp allows product and service sales to soar while your costs plummet.


Recent projects we have produced … would love to add yours too!


Flipp makes distributing digital marketing materials a snap. Expand your audience and enhance the effectiveness of your brochures by taking advantage of support for viewing them on any device and distributing them via multiple channels, e.g. embedded in your website, sent by email, shared on social networks, and as offline publications.


Many publishers are in the midst of a gradual transition to digital publishing. Flipp offers a full-featured solution. Everything is possible: from digital magazines with multimedia content, access control, and content protection, to online storage and subscription-based distribution. Want to increase your circulation? Let Flipp help by providing a stylish design, page-flipping effect, and support for any device (including the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices). Your subscribers will be able to conveniently peruse your online magazine from anywhere in the world.


With Flipp you can create realistic digital books, textbooks, and other educational materials. The hardcover and page-flipping effects make them as close as possible to their paper counterparts. And the ability to open your online book on any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android devices) means your books will be state-of-the-art and convenient to use.


Below are just a few of the fantastic features a digital Flipp publication can offer

Modern Design

Digital publications created by Flipp offer a professional and a well-crafted look. You can shape and design your publications with several preset skins, as well as various customization tools.

Multiple Devices

Integrated support of the new HTML5 standard means that your publications are easily readable on almost any device, ranging from iPhones and Androids, to iPads, Tablets, and E-readers.

Offline Version

Distribute your publication as a self-running off-line solution. Flipp can create a PC .exe file or a MAC .app file ready to be transferred on to a CD, DVD, flash-drive, or kiosk.


Flipp offers high-quality magnification features, which allow your readers to zoom in on desired photos and print with exceptional quality.

Content protection

Password protect your intellectual property or restrict the websites it can be viewed on. Allowing you to have full control over sensitive material.

Text Search

Flipp’s exclusive indexing and search algorithms make the search process faster, even within very large publications.

Web Analytics

Turn your publication into an efficient marketing tool. Link it directly to your Google Analytics account to examine the statistics about the popularity and the attendance.

Fully Optimised

Publications created by Flipp are search engine-optimized. This means that your content is indexed by all popular search sites, and therefore can be found and accessed quickly by the users.

Social Media

Send publications instantly by e-mail, or share them via popular social networks. You can allow your readers to do the same by adjusting the enabling and disabling features in your publication.


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