Bring your documents to life...
flipp™ is an great new innovation that lets you convert your static documents into exciting interactive books. Using flipp™ will save you money on printing and postage costs and have an eco friendly impact on the environment.

flipp™ allows total flexibility, live updates with direct and immediate control of your literature online. It offers an interactive experience that allow your products and services to stand out - distinguishing you from those of your competitors.

What does daddy do?

Prices start from as little as £5 per page

Design Service
If you don't already have a brochure call and ask us about our design service - we can create a custom flipp™ to match your corporate image... view our examples

Marketing Campaigns
Sending your flipp™ with a targeted email campaign can have very impressive results. We can track activity from every link within your flipp™, giving you detailed statistics of all click-throughs... contact us for details

Features Include...
Video, Animations, Zoom Function, Printable Pages,
Unlimited Pages... view all features and benefits